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Bike Shop Express software is a comprehensive program that not only exceeds the basic dive retail point of sale and inventory management requirements, but provides numerous customer management, tracking, and marketing tools to help businesses of all sizes remain competitive in today's tough marketplace.

Why Bike Shop Express (over other available programs)?:

  • Reduces training time with its simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Supports multiple store locations.
  • Broswer based system is accessible from anywhere.
  • Eco-friendly; practically paperless.
  • Automatic backup system.
  • Helps provide superior customer service with its comprehensive contact manager and follow up calendar and a variety of customer reports.
  • Top quality customer support.
  • Supports multiple levels of access and security for stores with multiple tiers of employees and management.
  • Supports "in-house" Gift Cards, which saves on printing and processing fees. Gift Cards are an incredible marketing tool and can greatly increase sales (did you know that the majority of adults in the U.S. receive multiple gift cards during the holiday season, and on average spend 30% more than the original balance?)
  • Supports a variety of training agencies and programs.
  • It is dive store specific: course scheduler, travel planning and deposit payments, service and work orders, memberships and discounts, and more!

Information regarding the main modules:

Point of Sale:

  • Touch screen ready shortcut buttons
  • Add new customers and access existing customers quickly
  • Supports multiple payment types on one invoice, including accounts/receivables
  • Add on sale feature increases sales
  • Group together and access related customers using the Family feature
  • Search engine provides multiple ways of finding items, including by full or partial description, category, manufacturer and more
  • Track customer orders, history, and information easily
  • Create rental and travel reservations, including for multiple customers from one account
  • Supports bar code scanning

Inventory Maintenance:

  • Track inventory from initial purchase to final sale
  • Use templates to quickly add new and multiple, similar items
  • Price calculator with multiple pricing levels and customizable price formula options make pricing and calculating profits a breeze
  • Generate bar code labels or use manufacturer bar code information
  • Set reorder levels and amounts to automatically notify when and how much to order
  • View inventory sales and purchase history
  • Define add on sale and reminder messages that appear when the item is sold
  • Enter and track item serial numbers

Contact Manager:

  • Quickly access customer and business information— and not only contact information! Easy access to certification info, preferences, sales history, birthdays and more
  • Generate customer specific notes, with the option to flag the notes as reminders or appointments in the integrated calendar system
  • Set customer interest level, referral source, lead types and more—all of which are searchable
  • Compile numerous reports for target marketing
  • Generate email and physical mailing lists for general or categorized customer groups
  • Group related customers together using the Family feature
  • Create customer popups—these messages are the first item viewed when a customer is accessed in either Contact Manager or Point of Sale

Report Selector:

  • Access important sales, customer, and inventory information in a variety of date related formats
  • All date related reports include detailed invoice options, various totals options (daily, monthly, quarterly), and are grouped by customer and invoice types
  • Reports include (but are definitely not limited to):
    • Sales Tax Summary (invoice totals are shown and then broken down by taxable and non-taxable items and deposits)
    • Monies Received (type of payment methods)
    • Inventory Statistics reports including:
      • Top Sellers
      • Most Profitable
      • Hourly Statistics
      • Non-Sellers
    • Sales by Department and Category
    • Sales Person Summary and Commission Reports
    • Cost Summary
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Inventory Assets
    • Rental Inventory (includes in stock information as well as what is due, past due, and upcoming reservations)
    • Work Order Information
    • Inventory in Stock
    • And so much more!

Purchase Order System:

  • Search for and list items based on multiple search characteristics, including customer special orders, items needed for work orders, and items at or below reorder level
  • Ability to mark items for order regardless of vendor (items are placed in an easy to use sort-by-vendor shopping cart) makes ordering a fast process
  • Email purchase orders directly to vendors
  • Save and recall all purchase orders
  • Print bar code labels before, during, and/or after items or entire purchase orders are received
  • Enter serial numbers as items are received to insure accuracy and security
  • Define multiple vendors and costs for items

Travel Setup

  • Create destination trips with multiple pricing levels, options, and add-on options
  • Take and track deposits through Point of Sale
  • Evaluate cost versus sales for each option
  • Enter details to be printed on a personalized travel summary for each customer

Other Modules:

  • Package System
    • Bundle inventory into both limited number and unlimited kits, using a built in price calculator to assist in meeting gross margin target
    • Pre-define package discounts
    • Easily replace packaged items at time of sale
  • On Sale System
    • Mark items (listed by a variety of search options including description, category, manufacturer and more) as on-sale in one fell swoop
    • Ability to use pre-defined sale pricing levels
  • Sales Tally
    • One-click date related sales summary quick-view, sorted by sales person, and includes daily averages and gross sales
  • Sales Summary
    • One-click quick view of the current date's sales sorted by department
  • Gift Certificate Program
    • Supports user defined (paper) certificates as well as Bike Shop Express-specific Gift Cards
    • Calculates card balances as deposits for accounting accuracy
    • Tracks and support Cards used multiple times; Gift Cards are reloadable

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