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Bike Shop Express Gift Card program is a simple and easy way for stores to provide a professional look to their business, and at the same time, keep customers coming back to your store. The Gift Cards are customized with your store's name and logo on a durable plastic card that is the same size as a credit card. The cards work just like the old paper Gift Certificate, but are more durable. The Gift Cards are prepaid, and are easy and convenient for the customer to use when they are in your store. The gift card amount will be stored in Bike Shop Express software, so tampering or altering the card is of no significant value.

Gift Cards can easily be kept in the customer's wallet, which will provide your store with free advertising. Gift Cards have become a big trend in the retail business. They are an easy, foolproof gift for any occasion, and people love giving and receiving them.

Bike Shop Express supports two types of Gift Cards: Defined Value Cards – with the amount printed on the Gift Card and Rechargeable Cards – where the amount can be added at the time of sale.

Reasons to implement Gift Cards into your store:

  • Increase Sales and customer loyalty – When a customer comes into your store with a Gift Card, they usually will spend more than that Gift Card's worth. The customer will purchase from your store because they have a Gift Card, whereas if they had cash, they may have shopped around.
  • Decrease fraud – Gift Cards will have your custom logo, store name, part number, and serial number printed on them. All of the value information for the Gift Card is stored in Bike Shop Expresss software. If anyone tampers with the Gift Card in Bike Shop Expresss software, the gift card will automatically be voided.
  • Theft – Gift Cards will have no value until they are sold in the Point of Sale program. Each transaction will be traced to a specific employee and a specific customer, unlike the paper Gift Certificates, which could have easily been filled out and/or copied.
  • Merchandise Returns – with the Gift Card program, you can offer the customer a Gift Card for the amount of the refund. It works the same as an In Store Credit, but the customer will have something to show for it. This will also protect against fraudulent returns, because you can easily de-activate the gift card. This way you are not out money, and it will discourage future fraudulent returns.
  • Easily Reload Gift Cards – a customer can easily add more money to a Gift Card. This is great for customers because they can control spending, like in the case of a parent and child. The parent will know exactly how much their child is spending, and also where it is being spent.
  • Customer Acknowledgement – Gift Cards work as a constant reminder for your customer. They provide important information about your store, on a professional durable card that the customer will not lose.
  • Card Activation – The Gift Card has no value until you activate it in the Point of Sale program. This means less theft and less worry for you.

* Expiration dates can be printed directly on the gift card. Please be aware that each state has different rules regarding Gift Cards. Contact your state to find out what specifications are required.

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