TPG A799 Thermal Receipt Printer

Designed for hospitality and general retail applications, the A799 Two-Color ColorPOS™ Printer is the fastest and probably the most reliable printer in its class. Best of breed, this extremely small footprint, single station printer offers the reliability you have come to expect from TPG.

Additional Features:

  • Available in beige, black, and dark grey.
  • 56 column printing
  • Provides the capability to print your logo in black and white or red, black and white (color printing requires special paper).
  • Available in USB, and RS232 Serial.
  • Paper available at your office supply store (3.15" x 3.55" Dia. (80 mm x 90 mm Dia.) or through DSX.
  • Dimensions:5.65" x 7.27" x 5.27" (144 mm x 185 mm x 134 mm) Weight 1.35 kg (3.0 lbs.)

We carry a full line of Labels, Ribbons and Receipt Paper.

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